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Badge Swap Shop - Any CSC Badge For Any CSC Badge

P,ease Note: Our Swap Shop has been disabled for the moment, we have a lot of badges to sort out which is proving nearly impossible due to having the badges for sale page.

It is possible that we will resume this page in the future, until then you are welcome to buy any of the badges we have for sale.



Swaps are only available to bagde collectors on our csc badge forum.

If you would like any of the badges above, we operate on a a one for one basis, send us any CSC badge, even if we have it, and we will send you any of the badges above, to donate any badges please feel free to send them to us for inclusion on this page.

You can contact us at the following email address - info@celtic-badges.com

Please note that this offer is open to badge collectors who are members of our forum only.



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